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Playing the Saraswati Veena involves the coordinated movement of muscles, nerves, and bones in the arms, hands, and fingers. Here is a detailed explanation of the actions of each of these parts of the body: Muscles:• Arm muscles: The biceps and triceps muscles located in the upper arm are responsible for the movement of the arm while playing the veena.• Hand muscles: The muscles located in the palm, fingers, and wrist of the hand are responsible for the intricate finger movements involved in playing the veena.• Finger muscles: The muscles in the fingers help in the flexion and extension of the fingers to pluck the strings. Nerves:• Arm nerves: The radial, ulnar, and median nerves located in the arm are responsible for carrying signals from the brain to the muscles of the arm.• Hand nerves: The nerves in the hand are responsible for carrying signals to the muscles and skin…

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